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Army's Vaccine Distribution Team Earns Innovation Award for Novel Supply Chain Management Project (June 2019)

New command focuses on medical logistics (June 2019)

Fort Detrick Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (May 2019)

​Army Medical Materiel Agency Hosts Detachment Change of Command (May 2019)

Army Medical Logistics Business Lingo is Surprisingly Sporty (April 2019)

Medical Logistics Internship Delivers Steady Supply of Leaders (Mar 2019)

Overhauling Medical Maintenance (Jan 2019)


Army Combat Support Hospital Conversion Forum Fosters Communication, Collaboration (Dec 2018)

USAMRMC Discusses 'Real Readiness' with Senior Leader (Dec 2018) 

Army Adds Medical Materiel to European Prepositioned Stocks (Nov 2018)

Army Medical Logistics Course Hosts USAMMA Day (Nov 2018)

Army Medical Device Cyber Team Balances Benefits and Risks of Technology (Oct 2018)

USAMMA Hosts Change of Command (Aug 2018)

Army Operationally Tests Brain Injury Evaluation Devices (Aug 2018)

Army Tests Readiness of Medical APS (Aug 2018)

Forging Ahead in Medical Product Development (July 2018)

Soldiers Get 'Hands On' Army's Newest Transport Telemedicine Technology (July 2018)

University Course Helps 'Build the Bench' of Future Government Leaders (July 2018)

Foreign Military Sales Fortify Medical Readiness of U.S. Allies (July 2018)

Army Medical Maintenance Depots Enable Unit-level Readiness (May 2018)

Ready People to Hand off Ready 'Stuff' (May 2018)

Army Surgeon General's Contingency Programs Provide Rapid Medical Readiness (May 2018)

USAMMA Medical Logistics Officer Named 'Master Logistician' (May 2018)

Medical Maintenance Training Prepares Soldiers (March 2018)

How the Army Decides What Medical Equipment to Field (March 2018)

Army Updates Frontline Surgical Teams (Feb 2018)

Medical Maintenance Directorate Updates Quality Certification (Jan 2018)


MLMIP Graduation - Class 101 (Dec 2017)

Maintenance Key to Medical Device Precision, Accuracy (Dec 2017)

Army Medical Maintenance Community Bids Farewell to Long-time Legend (Dec 2017)

Medical Materiel Recapitalization Saves Lives, Money (Nov 2017)

Army Medicine Logistics Leverage Contingency Programs to Support Hurricane Relief (Nov 2017)

Army Funding Development of Battlefield Devices to Assess Moderate, Severe Brain Injury (Nov 2017)

New Field Hospital Design Tested at Fort Carson (Sept 2017)

'Hacking for Defense' Students Team with USAMMA to Improve Casualty Care Triage (Sept 2017)

'Dust Off' Demos Showcase Army Medical Evacuation Modernization (Sept 2017)

Army, Civilian Experts Speak on Bridging from Research to Advanced Development and Fielding (Sept 2017)

Medical Logisticians' Leadership Award (July 2017)

USAMMA Leader Creates Non-Profit Volleyball Club (July 2017)

Army Converting CSHs into Field Hospitals (July 2017)

Detachment Change of Command (June 2017)

MLMIP Graduation - Class 100 (June 2017)

Army Testing Hemorrhage Control Foam (June 2017)

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Month (May 2017)

Medical Materiel Readiness Program (April 2017)

Portable Digital Radiography System (April 2017)

Forward Repair Activity-Medical (April 2017)

Equipping the Army for Less Money (March 2017)

Superstar Awards (March 2017)

Advanced Development Rookie of the Year (March 2017) 

121st Becomes 1st to Field Steam Sterilizer (March 2017)


Vendors Showcase TBI Devices (Dec 2016) 

MLMIP Graduation - Class 99 (Dec 2016)

Combat Application Tourniquet Gets New Buckle (Oct 2016)

Wolf Pack Award (Oct 2016)

Medical Equipment Web Training (Oct 2016)

MLMIP Students Sign Presidential Flag (Sept 2016)

Experts Talk Medical Acquisition and Logistics at MHSRS 2016 (Aug 2016)

Army Partners with MIT Lincoln Lab on Voice Analysis Program to Detect Brain Injury (Aug 2016)

Army Prepares to Administer Flu Shots (Aug 2016)

Womens Equality Day Celebration (Aug 2016)

USAMMA Hosts Change of Command (Aug 2016)

Army Updates Medical Tents (June 2016)

PM-AIP feature (June 2016)

MLMIP Graduation - Class 98 (June 2016)

Medical Liaison Officers (LNOs) feature (June 2016)

PAA Honored as Honorary Medical Logistician (April 2016) 

Army, Navy Tackle Enterprise Clinical Imaging Archives (March 2016)

Motorcycle Safety (March 2016)

New Junctional Tourniquet Designed to Save Lives (March 2016)

Agreement for New Medical Device Cybersecurity Pre-assessment Process (Feb 2016) 

Medical Vital Signs Simulator (Feb 2016)

Army Prepositioned Stocks - Ready for Action! (Jan 2016)


MLMIP Graduation - Class 97 (Dec 2015)

USAMMA SGM Change of Responsibility  (Nov 2015)

Transport Telemedicine (Oct 2015)

Oxygen Generator - Field Portable (Oct 2015)

Advanced CT Scanner (Oct 2015)

New Field Steam Sterilizer (Oct 2015)

Precision Fielding Saves Money (Oct 2015)

Accountable Officer (Aug 2015)

MLMIP Graduation - Class 96 (July 2015) 



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