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Deployers Toolkit

Deployers Toolkit

This webpage is designed to provide a list of resources that may be helpful to deployed Soldiers working in a field hospital or medical logistics company.

Medical Logistics

AR 40-61

Supply Bulletin 8-75 Series

Unit Assemblages (MEDSILS)

Vaccine distribution and Cold Chain Management

Centrally Managed Resources (APS, MMRP, UDP, etc.)

Fielding Operations

How to Receive Class VIII Medical Materiel from TEWLS.pdf - This bulletin affects Property Book users who receive Class VIII medical materiel from the Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System (TEWLS), which is the Medical Command’s total package fielding (TPF) system.

Materiel Fielding

Equipment Common Operating Picture (ECOP)

Understanding ONS vs. ESD

Assembly Management (Product Support)

Medical Equipment Literature (Available on AKO - CAC required) 
Equipment Support Plans (Available on AKO - CAC required)
Equipment Handbooks (Available on AKO - CAC required)
Equipment Start-up Lists (Available on AKO - CAC required)

Medical Maintenance

Depot-level support

Maintenance Master Data File

Training Resources

Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE)

Maintenance Resources/Publications

Medical Materiel Quality Control Messages

MMQC messages related to medical devices

MMQC (search recalls and register to receive alerts)




Deployers-Toolkit Deployers Toolkit