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CT Maintenance Training

There is one CT type used in the tactical environment by the Army. It is model Brilliance 16, manufactured by Philips Medical Systems, mounted inside an 2: 1 ISO-shelter Some deployed organizations may have a different iteration of this type scanner (64 slice). The maintenance-training program is the same.

The deploying BES (Biomedical Equipment Specialist) (MOS 68A) may be required to attend CT maintenance training for the deployed scanner. Specific information regarding training schedules for maintenance training is available from FORSCOM and the USAMMA.

Contact the FORSCOM as follows:
(910) 570-6459 or DSN 670-6459

Contact the USAMMA as follows:
(301) 619-4376 or DSN 343-4376, Email: Training

USAMMA will provide assistance as necessary.

CT Scanner
Prerequisites for CT Maintenance Training

Brilliance 16 and 64 BasiX -
A one week familiarization course in Cleveland, OH, or may be taken as Computer Based Training (CBT). The course must be completed and passed prior to enrollment into a CT maintenance course.

Unix is highly recommended

These courses are available through the Philips Training Center

CT Scanner
CT Essentials for the 68P (Radiology Specialist)
Course # 989801292074. It is provided at the OEM facility, Cleveland Ohio. The duration is 3.5 days.

Registration: Course registration may be done by internet. Contact FORSCOM or the USAMMA for additional instructions. This course must be scheduled at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to attendance. This course is provided several times per month.

Description: The CT essentials course is designed to provide the radiographic technologist with sufficient training and proficiency to function at an acceptable level. The course will address approximately 80% of the CT Brilliance systems base functionality.

Materials covered will utilize CT scanner emulators, a fully functional CT scanning bay for hands-on learning, and in-depth didactic lectures ranging from CT Physics to protocol optimization, including clinical applications to adult learning techniques. The learning experience will prepare the technologist with more than the basics.

Prerequisites: Graduation as a radiologic technologist is a given. It is highly recommended that two users from the same organization attend the training. The attendees will be groomed to become "Super Users". Super Users simplify the "train the trainer" program.

Training Instrument
Maintenance Training Description
CT Maintenance Training – Course description

All CT courses expect that the Student have at least one year or more working in the X-ray maintenance environment. Because of the interface with computers for calibration and services, an Information Technology (IT) familiarity is strongly recommended.

The student is expected to complete the Virtual Classroom material prior to arrival at the course facility. Philips places the student into a 10 day didactic and practical exercise course with a pass/fail final exam - Total campus course length is 2 weeks.

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