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  • The following guidance is in compliance with AR 750-43, Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment.
  • TMDE Acquisition Approval for TDA Units
  • Prior to purchasing TMDE, the requestor must first determine if his/her command will authorize funds to purchase and support the equipment. This action becomes a TMDE approval memorandum.
  • The request for approval must be submitted to the Regional Medical Command (RMC) TMDE Coordinator. The TMDE coordinator will be identified and their name provided to the NMP. The RMC TMDE coordinator is responsible to identify and standardize TMDE for their region.
  • Program Director TMDE. (https://pd-tmde.us.army.mil/TEMOD_Home/TEMOD_Public.html) This website is the portal to submit required documentation and information to receive acquisition approval. A how to guide can be found at HERE.
  • New users will need to register as a ‘User’, then a ‘Requestor’ for your organization. Once USATA approves your "Requestor" status, you will need to complete the "on-line DA 4062" and electronically upload the following files:

    • A signed Approval Memorandum for TMDE Acquisition
    • An approval memorandum from the Regional Medical Command (RMC) TMDE coordinator.
    • A brochure or specifications sheet of the item to be purchased
    • If the TMDE is a non-standard item, provide a justification memo explaining the need to have the unique equipment. This document will not be required if the item being requested is not similar in function with any other equipment that already exists in Army inventory. See “TMDE FAQ” for definition of non-standard item.
  • The on-line DA 4062 at the PD TMDE Website must be completely filled out from blocks 1a through 21d. Instructions can be found in pages 38-40 of AR 750-43.
  • Information submitted will be placed in an electronic folder (Pending Approval). The PD TMDE database will automatically generate notification letters, to parent organizations, as required to ensure local policy requirements are followed. USATA will receive an email to perform a supportability review.
  • Upon completion of this process with all parties in agreement, acquisition approval is granted by the APM TEMOD generating an approval letter to the "Requestor" and their MACOM. Once acquisition approval is provided, the end item will be included in the on-line TMDE register.
  • When the equipment is purchased, the "Requestor" is required to provide acquisition information (Type Funds, Quantity, etc) into the PD TMDE database to close out the acquisition process. He/she will also be responsible to verify that his/her command’s property book officer (PBO) will appropriately enter the new equipment into the command’s property database. The “Requestor” should contact the USAMMA TMDE specialist and provide serial numbers for all TMDE purchased.
  • To report TMDE serial numbers or for assistance contact the USAMMA TMDE specialist at: (usarmy.detrick.medcom-usamma.mbx.tmde@mail.mil).

    If you have any problems with the PD TMDE Website, use the "FEEDBACK" button and annotate the issues in the "REMARKS" block.

    Acquisition of TMDE for TOE Units
    Field or operating force units are issued specific general purpose (GP) and Special Purpose TMDE that are listed in their respective TOE or MTOE. A unit that is missing any of the required equipment must notify their property book officer and submit a request for a replacement at no cost to the requesting command.

    TOE units that require new TMDE in order to support an urgent mission requirement or ongoing mission that is not listed in their respective TOE or MTOE must submit an Operational Needs Statement (ONS) in accord with AR 71-9. Note that funding for purchase, support and calibration of the equipment is limited and will be the responsibility of the command that requested the TMDE. The following files are references to the procedures stated above:

  • AR 750-43 (3Nov2006) Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment    
  • TMDE Register Establishing Account PDF    
  • TMDE Register Acquisition Request PDF    
  • Sample TMDE Request Memorandum    
  • Sample description and specification sheet    
  • Medical TMDE-SP Preferred Items List (PIL)    
Last Modified Date: 12/07/2017