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NMP Vision

To be the recognized leader of the DoD medical device maintenance community, providing strategic enterprise-level analysis, that is patient focused, creates policy synergies, and supports advancements in technology resulting in highly effective sustainment policies for both the acquisition process and fielded systems maintenance.

NMP Mission

To provide enterprise-level strategic medical maintenance analysis and policy development that is patient-focused, quality centric, and maximizes the Army’s global medical sustainment capabilities and readiness. The National Maintenance Program (NMP) Functions provide the foundation for all operations that the NMP performs in support of its customers.

The NMP supports the USAMMA Core Competencies and it is directly linked to the USAMMA Strategy Map     through the Internal Process (IP) 3 and MEDLOG Enterprise BSC Internal Process (IP) 5    

NMP Crest

Functions of the NMP

  1. Develop, update, integrate and publish regulating guidance for AMEDD’s medical maintenance operations.
  2. Provide enterprise-level maintenance analysis and develop effective solutions for field and sustainment support maintenance operations.
  3. Assess tactical medical maintenance operations, processes and programs to identify gaps and recommend changes in doctrine, business processes and policy to increase global medical equipment readiness.
  4. Serve as the primary AMEDD maintenance policy subject matter experts (SME) in support of the medical and non-medical (ASIOE) Life Cycle Manager’s Integrated Logistics Support processes.
  5. Represent all tactical medical maintenance activities to logistics automation developers regarding medical maintenance and Class VIII repair part Automation Information Systems (AIS).
  6. Research, analyze, and adjudicate maintenance related issues, and coordinate change requirements with the Army Medical Logistics Enterprise Leadership.
  7. Serves as the AMEDD’s representative to the Army’s Program Director for Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) for policy compliance and recommends upgrades for tactical medical units’ TMDE.
  8. Provide AMEDD regulatory and technical oversight to the Medical TMDE-SP Support Center operations.
  9. Provide AMEDD enterprise-level data aggregation and detailed analysis of critical maintenance and resourcing data for the development of future Automation Information Systems (AIS) assuring command level visibility of maintenance metrics.
  10. Provide determination of maintenance significance, editorial review of content, tracking, impact to patient-care, and coordinating maintenance support requirements of maintenance significant Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC), Field Change Order (FCO) and Safety of Use message process across the Tri-Services.
  11. Serves as the AMEDD Maintenance Master Data File (MMDF) proponent to the U.S. Army Materiel Command’s Logistics Support Activity (USAMC LOGSA) and the HQDA ODCS, G–4 assuring accurate and complete cataloging and coding of reportable medical equipment items.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification    

Last Modified Date: 04/13/2017