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DOD Medical Materiel Quality Control Messages (MMQC)/Medical Materiel Information Messages (MMI) & Images

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Medical Material Quality Control Message


Message Number: MMQC-14-1488
Released On: 30-MAY-14
Message Class: Informational
Material Type: Vaccine
MMQC\MMI Reference:
FDA Recall Reference:
ECRI Reference:
DLA Reference:
MFG Release Date: 27-MAY-2014


U.S. Central Command Smallpox Vaccine Exception to Policy / Information

Reason / Information:

Purpose: To provide guidance on the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) Smallpox Vaccine Exception to Policy (ETP).

Disposition / Instructions:


a. On 16 May 2014, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs signed a memorandum for the Commander of USCENTCOM approving the ETP for the Smallpox Vaccination Program.

----- (1) Mandatory smallpox vaccination for personnel deploying to the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR) has ceased as of 16 May 2014.

----- (2) All personnel, to include DOD Service members, civilians, and contractors assigned or deploying to the USCENTCOM AOR, are no longer required to receive a mandatory smallpox vaccination.

b. The USCENTCOM Individual Protection and Individual-Unit Deployment Policy states: �15.F.4. Smallpox. Personnel without a medical contraindication traveling in the CENTCOM theater for 15 days or more will comply with the most current DoD smallpox requirements.� Therefore, units can begin to comply with the ETP immediately. No further guidance is expected from USCENTCOM.

c. The Smallpox Vaccination Program remains in effect for travel to the Korean Peninsula for 15 or more days. In addition, certain uniformed personnel assigned
to special mission units will continue mandatory smallpox vaccinations.

d. The Services may choose to designate units deploying to USCENTCOM for continued vaccination against smallpox.

e. The Anthrax Vaccination Program policy remains in effect for the USCENTCOM AOR.

f. Smallpox Vaccine Disposition.

----- (1) Do not destroy or discard any remaining vaccine. All smallpox vaccine will continue to be stored according to the package insert. Expired vaccine may be destroyed according to the protocol outlined in the Vaccine Destruction SOP: http://www.usamma.amedd.army.mil/net/assets/doc/pdf/PotentiallyCompromised/Vaccine_Disposition_SOP_19Feb2010.pdf

----- (2) Additional vaccine disposition instructions will be released from U.S. Army Medical Material Agency (USAMMA) Distribution Operations Center (DOC) via a Medical Material Quality Control (MMQC) message. http://www.usamma.amedd.army.mil/assets/apps/nala_qaweb/nala_query_type.cfm


a. U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs Jonathan Woodson, �Exception to Policy Guidance to the Mandatory Smallpox Vaccination Program in
the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility,� memorandum for Commander, U.S. Central Command, Washington, DC, 16 May 2014.

b. �MOD Twelve to USCENTCOM Individual Protection and Individual-Unit Deployment Policy,� U.S. Central Command, 2 December 2014.



-----Ship majority of kits on hand to USAMMCE for redistribution.

-----Retain small number of kits on hand in the event of possible personnel/unit(s) redirection to other AORs requiring SMA vaccination.

SMA kits located in other facilities in the CENTCOM AOR:


----Retain remaining kits on hand in the event of possible personnel/unit(s) redirection to other AORs requiring SMA vaccination.

----Retain remaining kits on hand in the event that service member(s) request(s) to receive the SMA vaccination.

----Destroy remaining kits upon expiration or final unit redeployment, whichever occurs sooner.

Note the following:

----Service representatives will verify whether the requesting unit�s deployment destination is in the CENTCOM AOR for all SMA requests.

----Any CONUS units with excess supplies of SMA should contact USAMMA DOC in order to make arrangements to have excess SMA vaccine shipped to other CONUS units. To contact USAMMA DOC call 301-619-4318, 301-619-3017 or email the DOC at usarmy.detrick.medcom-usamma.mbx.doc@mail.mil.

For general questions, call Tara Reavey at 703-681-5714.

Note: Exception to Policy (ETP) Guidance - (See Image on Message under Additional Documentation/Attachment).

Service/Additional Instructions:

POC Contact Information:

Email: afmoa.sgalc@us.af.mil
Phone (COMM): 301-619-4170
Phone (DSN): 343-4170
Fax: 301-619-2557

Email: usarmy.detrick.medcom-usamma.mbx.doc@mail.mil
Phone (COMM): 301-619-4300
Phone (DSN): 343-4300
Fax: 301-619-4468

Phone (COMM): 301-619-3085
Phone (DSN): 343-3085
Fax: 301-619-2473

Email: usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.medcom-usammce.list.dtd-quality-assurance@mail.mil
Phone (COMM): 011-49-6331-86-7118/7181
Phone (DSN): 495-7118
Fax: 6218

Additional Message Recipients:

Please ensure dissemination of this information to the following:

Command Channels
Medical Log Officers
Medical Staff
Pharmacy Officers
Supply Officers
Supported Activities/Centers
Vaccince Shot Teams

Message Dissemination Authorization

AF Activities Will Take Action As Prescribed In Afi 41-209, Medical Logistics Support, Chapters 3 And 9. For Majcoms & Ngb--This Msg Has Been Transmitted To All Designated Subordinate Medical Activities.

See Army Regulation (Ar) 40-61, 28 January 2005, Chapter 4, And The Department Of The Army Supply Bulletin (Sb 8-75-11) For Applicable Policies And Procedures.

DODD 5105.22 and DODD 6025.13

Additional Documentation / Attachments


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